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Where Do I/We Fit In?

Want to be involved in Touch a Truck 2019 but not sure where you fit in? Check out this list to see what our needs are and how you can help us accomplish the best Touch a Truck yet! Feel free to contact us at the bottom of the page if you have any questions or are interested in participating in this great community event. We are also accepting Donations Here.

Non-profit entity that solicits sponsors, donors, and attendees, and provides committee members and event volunteers in exchange for sharing in certain proceeds from the event.

Any entity exchanging money for goods and services at the event who is not a qualified Sponsor or Partner ($200.00, payable in advance).

A non-profit group who may or may not be a Partner that may pre-purchase tickets for resale at half face value.

Any individual, company, organization, or entity which purchases tickets to be given away through the school district, another non-profit, their agency, or at the entry gate to any child or their family member who cannot afford a ticket to the event.  Benefactors may specify their preferred recipients.

Paid or in-kind contributions by any entity or individual that offset operating expenses (Tiered sponsorship levels).

An entity that also provides a vehicle and event volunteers to interact with the attendees. No charge to participate.  These sponsors will be recognized at the “Tow Truck” level unless a higher sponsorship is preferred and those conditions met.

Any private, public or non-profit business or agency that has a presence at the event for disseminating information or hand outs and/or distributing gifts: ex. “Health and Safety Exhibitor.” (No charge.  However, if the “Exhibitor” wishes  to make a direct solicitation for paid membership, accept donations, or make sales, they do not qualify as an Exhibitor and MUST become a sponsor at the “Tow Truck” level or higher or  Partner instead.)

An individual or group of individuals who provides free entertainment (juggling, magic, etc.) at the event.  No charge to participate

Sponsorship Opportunities

Help sponsor our event by contributing financially to Touch a Truck 2019. Below each Sponsor slot, you will see a list of benefits that are our way of saying THANK YOU for giving to our community and creating a magical day for the kids and families of Redlands! If you are interested in taking a sponsor slot, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out our contact form.


Partner with us by providing supplies for this awesome day. From feeding our volunteers and vehicle suppliers to providing coloring books and fireman hats to the children attending, your support will help make Touch a Truck 2019 awesome! See our areas of need and contact us at the bottom of the page if you can help us in any of these ways!

Your name printed on the front of 1,000 children’s giveaway plastic toy hats, either fire fighter or construction worker: 4 @ $2,000 each (deadline May 3, 2019).

Your name printed in full color on 1,000 reusable tote bags that kids can carry their souvenirs home in: 4 @ $850 each (deadline May 3, 2019).

Buy tickets to distribute to the organization, people, or children of your choice who might not otherwise attend the event, or as rewards or incentives to your employees or clients. You may deliver them yourself or tell us to whom or which organization you want us to deliver them in your name, or just add your benefactor tickets to the pool of other benefactors’ tickets. $5 each for businesses and individuals; nonprofits and service clubs, $2.50 each

Provide meal tickets for our hard-working Touch-A-Truck drivers and event volunteers: 4 @ $500 each.

Donate a family-and-kid-friendly door prize valued at $250 or donate $250 in cash and we’ll buy the door prize for you: 10 @ $250 each.

Provide for the rental of a “porta-potty” placed strategically in the
truck parking area with your name prominently displayed on the unit as the sponsor: 4 @ $125.00 each.

Your name printed on 1,000 “Tons of Trucks” activity or coloring books and crayons to hand out to the kids: 4 @ $1,400 each (deadline May 3, 2019).

We’ll get 100 beach balls with your name prominently displayed as the sponsor to use at the wildly popular “Beach Ball Dump Truck” activity. They’re given away to kids at the end of the event: 1 @ $1,200 (deadline May 10, 2019).

Donate cash to help us stock our kids’ games and crafts area with
supplies and prizes. Your name prominently displayed as a “Fun Zone” sponsor: suggested $50 minimum.
Remember, we can create a sponsorship unique from any of these listed here if you have a great idea.

Payment to Redlands Rotary Club Foundation, EIN 33-0197341; we are a 501(c)3 organization. Thank you for
your interest and please reach out if you have any questions.

This is a family event. Please no advertising or use of alcohol or tobacco products on the premises.

    Coming soon!  Pre-purchase 2022 Touch-A-Truck souvenirs and pick them up at the event!