Get Ready For Touch-a-Truck 2022

Redlands touch a truck

2022 Redlands Touch a Truck is ON!

In previous years, any net proceeds over operating costs will be distributed to support the “Safety Around Water” program operated by the YMCA of the East Valley in the Redlands Unified School District, the Redlands Rotary Club Foundation, and the other non-profit partners of Touch-A-Truck.

When: June 11th, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM. Quiet Hour 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Where: Ted Runner Stadium Parking Lot, University of Redlands

Admission $5.00 ages 3 and up. Family Fun Pack 6 tickets for $20.00. Buy online or at the gate. Some complimentary tickets are available

Visit or the Redlands Touch-A-Truck FaceBook page, or email, or text or call 951-237-3453 during regular business hours for more information.

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Our Bulldozer Sponsors!

Our 2019 Bulldozer Sponsors!

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Our 2019 Crane Sponsors!

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What is Touch a Truck?

Touch-A-Truck is an affordable event, fit for the whole family. Come learn about the dozens of vehicles- emergency vehicles, transport vehicles, tow trucks, public health and safety trucks, buses and more- that will line the stadium parking lot! You’ll even get a chance to climb inside, honk the horns, and flash the lights! Plus, you’ll get to talk to the men and women who drive these amazing trucks and learn all about their jobs. Kids and even some adults can’t get enough of this chance to explore the vehicles that serve our community. There may even be some vehicles you’ve never seen before!

And besides trucks, there is so much more fun to be had! Be sure to check out the “Kid’s Zone,” featuring crafts, games and educational exhibits that the whole family can enjoy. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the many booths of businesses, organizations, governmental agencies, and clubs that are dedicated to improving the quality of life. Take a moment to learn about all that they do, and read up on their free books and public health and safety materials for you. And last but certainly not least, the event will be catered according to the theme…with Food Trucks of course!

The first hour of the event will be designated as a “Quiet Hour” In consideration of our very young children or noise-sensitive attendees, the trucks will not be allowed to make any noise during this time. Additionally, to cultivate a family-friendly event, no alcohol will be advertised or sold, nor will the use of tobacco products be permitted at the venue.

For more information or any questions about participating in 2022 as a partner, sponsor, or vehicle provider, email –

Tickets to Touch a Truck 2022

Rotary Club of Redlands, non-profit partners, and other benefactors distributed approximately 1,000 complimentary tickets to local schools and other organizations that serve children and families.  Children aged three and under are admitted free of charge.  Families with active duty military members will receive six free tickets.

Attendees can purchase tickets on the day of the event.

Complimentary “Benefactor Tickets” for children and families may be available. Email “” or visit for more information.

What we hear about Touch a Truck

Who Served up at the 2019 Touch a Truck

Pizza & Subs on Wheels

Why Attend Touch A Truck?


For the attendees, the benefit of our TATE is that it is good, clean fun for the family at a very affordable price, a chance for kids to meet with a variety of people from all walks of life working in many different vocations, and an opportunity to see and learn new and exciting things.

For Rotary Club of Redlands and our non-profit “Touch-A-Truck” partners

This event helps us fulfill our mission to support local families and have a lot of fun while we do it! Furthermore, half of the funds remaining after expenses will be used to support the local and international public service and charitable activities of Rotary Club of Redlands, the Redlands Rotary Foundation, and any comparable entities affiliated with our non-profit partners. The other half will be given to the YMCA of the East Valley to help support their “Safety Around Water” (SAW) Program and bring this life-saving program to every 2nd-grade student in the Redlands Unified School District free of charge!


For the vehicle exhibitors, it is a chance to show everyone what they do, and “de-mystify” their activities and vocation for kids and the public at-large. Please download our Vehicle Commitment Form, fill it out, and email it back to us at “” if you are interested in exhibiting your vehicle!

*There is no fee charged to those who bring a vehicle or vehicles to the event.


For the sponsors, it is a chance to market their goods and services to entire families, from babies to grandparents, in a fun and positive environment.  Non-profits have a chance to fulfill their own charitable and educational initiatives in a new and different way.

*In the great majority of instances, non-profits may participate without charge as well, and may also pre-sell tickets as a fundraiser or apply to become a partner and share any net proceeds which may be derived from this event.  Sponsorships are available at many levels and are affordable for any business large or small.  Those organizations who want to reach the primary demographic, families with children, are encouraged strongly to have a presence at this event as a sponsor or exhibitor or both.

Safety Around Water

(YMCA Drowning Prevention Program)

Half the proceeds raised by RCOR from this event will be directed to teaching every 2nd grader in the RUSD how to be safe around water. This is why:


Across the United States, drowning remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths for children under 14 years of age. In California, 95 children died due to drowning and 239 non-fatal incidents occurred in the last year. Many of these injuries and deaths can be prevented with accessible education and a small amount of training.

YUSA Safety Around Water Program

To solve this crisis, the Y developed an evidence-based drowning prevention program known as Safety Around Water. Safety Around Water (SAW) brings basic survival skills to non-swimmers. These skills include: how to float, how to swim ten feet, and how to safely get out of dangerous situations. SAW also includes lessons on reducing risks around bodies of water.

YMCA of the East Valley Initial Program Results

The YMCA of the East Valley conducted two pilot programs in 2016-2017 and both two pilots produced tremendous results. Over 1,000 youth have participated in a S.A.W. program and over 96% have demonstrated that they can safely exit a potential drowning situation. One of these pilots was conducted in partnership with Redlands Unified School District. It involved all the 2nd graders at two elementary schools. The success of this program has encouraged us to involve all elementary schools in the future.

Program Implementation for 2017-2018

The pilot program this past year was successful and gave the YMCA a better perspective on scope of program and budgetary considerations. This program provides an effective program at a reasonable expense. It is our hope to provide this program to ten (of 16) elementary schools in 2017-2018 and then reach all sixteen schools in 2018-2019. The Y’s goal is for Safety Around Water to become an annual program and will impact thousands of youth each year. If successful, this will have a great impact on preventing accidental drownings in our community.

A session of lessons has a direct cost of approximately $20 per student (with transportation). RUSD has approximately 1,600 students in 2nd grade. Sessions can be taught at either the Redlands YMCA or the Highland YMCA. The total estimate cost to provide this program to local youth is $32,000.


Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death in children under 14 years of age. With proper instruction, drowning deaths and injuries can be prevented. The Y’s evidence-based program, Safety Around Water, makes water safety education accessible. The YMCA of the East Valley has successfully implemented this model across San Bernardino and Redlands. The YMCA seeks to implement a sustainable annual program that will eventually reach all youth in RUSD. The cost of the program is reasonable and the YMCA is seeking partnerships that will provide this annual program.

Get Involved

Be a Vehicle Sponsor

If you have an interesting or unique vehicle you believe our kids and families might enjoy, we invite you to bring it and be recognized as a “Tow Truck” sponsor. If our attendees are allowed to “touch it,” great! If not, we will still try to find a spot for you to show it off. No charge to you.

Be a Benefactor

We want every child who wants to “Touch-A-Truck” to participate regardless of their ability to pay. If you would like to purchase tickets to be distributed in the community so they can be here, become a Benefactor and purchase tickets to be distributed by you or us so everyone who wants to gets through the gate. Buy one or one hundred tickets or more (non-profits pay half face value for 50 or more).

Be an Event Partner

If you are a non-profit agency, there is an opportunity for your organization to share in certain proceeds generated by this event by becoming an Event Partner. In exchange for providing specific volunteer and sponsorship support, you will receive a portion of some proceeds of this event. Ask for details!

Be an Exhibitor

Your organization or agency may set up an information booth and table to distribute health and safety information, or hand out free gifts to the kids at no charge to you.

Be an Entertainer

If you juggle, make balloon animals, perform close-up magic, or the like, and are willing to perform at this event for free, we won’t charge you to attend

Be a Ticket Seller

If you are a non-profit entity, you may pre-purchase a minimum of 50 event tickets at one-half the face value, resell them at full face value, and keep the proceeds for your organization.

We want to hear from you! Use the form to send us a message!

It is encouraged for sponsors, exhibitors, trucks, businesses, entertainers, etc to sign up early. Exhibitors and displayed vehicle owners must provide the appropriate proof of insurance certification. Any proceeds from this event will be used to promote the local and global public service efforts of Rotary Club of Redlands and it’s non-profit partners. The Redlands Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

This is a family event. Please, no advertising or use of alcohol or tobacco products on the premises. Service animals only. 

    Ted Runner Stadium at University of Redlands
    Coming soon!  Pre-purchase 2022 Touch-A-Truck souvenirs and pick them up at the event!